Intellectual beauty 

The long road to redemption

Caramel skin tone, type of girl I can bring home….she infiltrated my dome. A book worm, with a cold touch….I envision nights on the couch with her. Intellectual beauty, blessed from above…a divine deity. Not impressed by chain swinging guys, unattracted by boys with huge ego’s… I acted in a chivilary manner towards. Not the type to be riduculed, schooled in the art of war…not fooled by sweet words. Bemused easily, unglued, so she keeps her heart safe. I cruised into her mind a short journey it was, I manaouvered my way in and she unmanouvered. A heavily guarded fortress, I applauded her for her fortitude, eventhough she loved with solicitude, she would rather come across rude. I’m in her servitude for the gratitude she showed me.

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Thoughts Of the mind


As I walk down the dark bloody street,
In the hot summers boiling heat,
Bleeding and limping on one of my legs,
This pain go away I beg,
Looking around I see no soul,
Seeing dead bodies I cannot control,
A little kid no older than four,
Doesn’t even know her family is no more,
Crying loud with tears coming down her face,
This is a household story of this place,
What was their fault? What did they do?
So many questions the answers if only I knew.

Is being born a crime?
Into a religion at the wrong time?
I believe in humanity,
why has the world lost its sanity?
For good my life I can give,
For hurting me I can forgive,
But killing a race which is pure,
How is that your cure?

For hundreds of years they saved your lives,
Saved from the tyrants your…

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Mellow Monday

But I Smile Anyway...


The wise words of our first Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, in Sikhism.

Is this not something we really should all practice?

It is such a true statement.  Strip back those stereotypes and look at the person first, before you judge the ‘religion’. Not everyone is the same, in fact we are ALL UNIQUE, and sometimes it’s the constant labelling that creates the very people we don’t wish to interact with. After all of you call someone a bad person enough times, they begin to believe it too…

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